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Last week, we wrote about the most important reasons your business should be blogging.  However, we didn’t quite discuss why it is so crucial to your SEO strategy as much as we wanted to.  Because we feel this topic is worthy of its own post, we will delve into this subject a little deeper.

quality over quantity

Just something to keep in mind while reading, remember that the quality of your content should always be given precedence over other aspects of your blog.  A low quality blog will not be of much help to your SEO; therefore, it would just be a waste of your valuable time.  If your business is going to blog, make sure whoever is producing your content is writing relevant, attention-grabbing, and enlightening posts. Let your blog be a direct representation of your company, its products and services, and your culture.


When you blog with an SEO mindset, not only do you produce high quality content, you also complement it with as many optimization features as you can.  This will help you get closer to the top of the search engines when someone is looking for your products.  Some of the complementing features you can use are tags, links, relevant keywords, and regular updates with new material.


Tags                                                                        Blank Red Tag isolated on white background

The point of having tags for your blog posts is so you can group them according to their content and what point you are trying to get across.  This helps search engines and anyone using them to find certain subjects.  Try to tag your blog with subjects you think actually relate to your post, and as a rule of thumb, limit your tags to ten and below.


Titles                                                                           blog titles

With the way Google and other search engines work, your title will be one of the first things that get read to help index your blog.  These search engines use the code of your blog to establish its topic, and since the title comes first, it is very important to get it right.  This may be difficult for some people who want to use their personality and creativity when titling their blogs.  Although it may be a little restrictive, your blog titles should include the topics that your target market is going to search.  Try to center your title on the central thought of your blog and be as direct as possible.


Keywords                                                                         keywords

Finding the right keywords for your blog may take a little more effort.  On the one hand, you don’t want to be too general, especially if you are a small business, because you will likely be pushed to the irrelevant pages of the search engine.  But on the other hand, being overly specific can hurt you as well because less people will search that kind of topic.  The key to good keywords is participating in some research to find what best fits you.  To rank your keywords higher, you can match up your keywords, title, and tags, and then use these words in the content of your writing, just make sure your posts still flow naturally!  Any participation in unnecessary keyword stuffing will only deter readers from visiting your site ever again.


Links                                                                                    links

Links can be a very powerful tool for your SEO strategy because it increases the amount of internal links you get to your site.  Linking to other sites, and having other sites link to you, builds up your credibility with search engines, and in return, they will start to place your name higher in search results.  Also, linking to related topics in your blog will help your readers find additional information which helps to make your site seem more reliable in their eyes.



Regular updates                                                                    new posts

Although there isn’t a specific number you should be going after within a certain time period, it is important to keep your blog regularly updated with new content.  However, remember our side note we mentioned earlier about high quality content being the most important thing.  This means although quantity is important, quality supersedes it.  Only take on what you can manage and if you can handle posting at least one blog a week, your business will still benefit. Also, as a refresher, posting your blogs to your social media sites will increase your visibility, which in turn, will advance your link reach.

We hope this post will help you understand all of the different ways you can use your blog to enhance your SEO strategy.

Good Luck Marketing!

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