The power of three: SEO, social media, and email marketing


It’s no secret that modern day marketers are using SEO, social media, or email marketing to support their online marketing operations. Nevertheless, some of them are choosing to place more emphasis on one of the three, and leaving the other two feeling a little neglected. For example, a business’s marketing team may be expending all of their efforts on their social media sites, meanwhile, their email marketing and newsletters are being left in the dust and new leads are failing to be created. This situation can occur for several reasons, the most common being the organizations individual needs and which of the three they perceive to be more effective.

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The point is if you really want to maximize your online marketing strategy, you need to use the power of three, SEO, social media, and email marketing.  When these three components are joined together and used as a whole, you will give your organizations website the best chance to get to the top of the rankings.  Still not convinced? Here is a summary of the significance that SEO, social media, and email marketing provide to help you understand how and why you should start utilizing all three in your marketing strategy.


The Power of SEO                                                             SEO s

Think, for a minute, of yourself when you are in consumer mode looking for information about a product or service; what do you do? If your answer is something other than search for it online, you are in the minority.  With the continuing growth of Smartphone’s, I pads, and tablets, most people can search for product information and find an answer in seconds from anywhere using search engines like Google.  People tend to have confidence in the results they find on search engines, because search engines provide them with results that are applicable and important to them.  When you have an effective SEO strategy, you can start becoming some of those trusted results for people searching for the products or services you offer.


The Significance of Social Media                                           social

Social media has proven itself to be a very effective weapon in organizations online marketing strategies.  On top of the fact that properly executed viral campaigns have the potential to create astounding ROIs, social media is also an important factor taken into consideration by search engines.  Social media is a quick and easy way to connect with your target market and make your organization more visible.


The Effectiveness of Email Marketing                       email marketing

Although email marketing is the eldest of the three online marketing components, it is one that is often overlooked.  This is a huge mistake, however, because email marketing can deliver some of the most promising results.  Nearly everyone has access to email these days, and many people still check their inboxes on a daily basis.  Also, people tend to view receiving an email as a more secure and personal form of communication, therefore, are more likely to respond positively to it.


We hope this post will help you understand that SEO, social media, and email marketing are just pieces to a whole, and are at their best when used together.  Try using your SEO and social media to assemble a solid group of email subscribers, and then connect everything together.  Publish any new blog posts onto your social media sites; make it easy for people to get from your social media and newsletters to your website and vice versa.   Place social sharing options and an email subscription button on your website where it can be found quickly and effortlessly.  All of these connections will ensure that you are using the three power players, SEO, social media, and email marketing, to their full potential.


Good Luck Marketing!

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