Setting The Record Straight On Content Marketing

It has come to our attention in the past week that many small businesses out there have false information when it comes to SEO and content marketing. In this post we would like to set the record straight and bust some of the major myths about content marketing. 

Quantity is all that matters when it comes to content marketing—False!

A common myth that has spread in the content marketing world is that simply creating more content regardless of the quality or topic of that content will result in more business. After Google released Panda, content marketing went into high gear and many businesses produced content that was just fluff without really considering an audience that they were writing to.

Content marketing is and always has been about the audience that you are trying to connect to. Creating quality content that is relevant and helpful to your target audience will get you far better results than just loading your webpage full of meaningless keywords. Also providing your customers with helpful information while on their quest to fulfilling their needs without trying to sell them something will go a long way towards building better customer relationships.

You can only write about a topic once—False!

The topics you write about in your content creation shouldn’t be one hit wonders. If you find that a particular subject was popular with your audience, then that means you need to dig deeper and try to write about it from another angle! Using ideas once without recycling or repurposing them is a waste of your intellectual resources. To make your content go farther try writing blog posts in series (like our series on the 10 commandments of Pinterest), create infographics, record podcasts and webinars, and use other channels to syndicate your message to a wider audience.

There aren’t enough topics to write about for content marketing to stay interesting—FALSE!

For those of you who have not expanded your horizons to SEO and content marketing yet, one thing that may be holding you back is the fear that content marketing is not sustainable. While this is a valid concern and constantly coming out with new relevant content is an ongoing and sometimes challenging task, there are an infinite number of topics to write about! But you don’t have to take my word for it, according to Google, 16% of their daily searches have NEVER been seen before. This means that millions (if not billions) of searches every day are completely unique and never-before-seen. This presents an awesome opportunity for you to keep up with all of the curious minds that are always on the hunt for something new. On the other hand, this also means that if you don’t keep up with your content marketing, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant very quickly.

We hope you enjoyed busting some common myths of content marketing with us today, and we will keep our readers updated on any future myths that come to our attention. If you ever have any questions about SEO or content marketing, feel free to ask! We’d be happy to write a post or meet with you to answer your questions.

Good Luck Marketing!

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