SEO rules to apply ASAP

If you are a part of business that has a website, and are currently not taking any SEO actions, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. SEO is a perfect way to attract more people to your products or services and get your name out there.  The goal of SEO is to get your website to show up as high as possible in search engine results whenever somebody searches for your keywords. As you are likely aware, this is how most people find information they are looking for these days.  Unfortunately, obtaining this top spot is not as easy as it sounds, as you are usually faced with a lot of other organizations competing for the same keywords.  On the bright side however, there are a few basic SEO rules you can start applying immediately to get the ball rolling.


Make certain your website is able to be indexed                                     Glossy Robot with Magnifying Glass

This action should be at the top of your list as it is extremely important for your SEO success.  Search engines use programmed bots to travel through links, otherwise called crawling, and store replicas of the data they find in their index.  Using their unique algorithm, search engines display certain data from their index based off of the search typed in by the user.

As we previously mentioned, this process is automated, therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure these bots have an uninterrupted passageway through your site.  Certain items can create a roadblock in this process, like broken links or hidden content.  These crawl issues will prevent your website from being shown in natural search results, making any and all other SEO actions meaningless.  There are several online tools you can use to discover if your website is having any problems with crawling.


Choose the right keywords                                          keywordss

Another strategy SEO is very dependent on is your keywords.  If you are unfamiliar, keywords would be the particular words or phrases you would like to rank high for when someone types them into a search engine.  It is important to make sure you are using these keywords frequently and naturally in the content you are producing on your website.  This will help search engines determine what your site is about and whether or not it is relevant to a specific topic.  You can also use your keywords in your title tag and headline tag to make your intent even more clear.

Be sure to use both industry related and branded keywords as well.  Industry related keywords are more wide-ranging and common, while branded keywords are specific to you and your organization.  You can also utilize various programs online to discover popular keywords, or keywords that are highly competitive to help you choose them wisely.  Once you have taken all of this into account, choose no less than five to ten keywords and start applying your SEO strategy from there.


Start link building                                                    link build

Links are an additional part of SEO that can improve your search rankings.  Both the amount and the quality of these links will be a determining factor in your overall natural search standing.  A few ways you can start link building include:

  • Guest posting on other sites and including a link to your site
  • Asking review sites to take a look at your product and include it on their site
  • Releasing content others will share on their websites and social media
  • Placing your site on online business directories


Produce unique and high quality content                                     updated site

Creating great content on your website can bring numerous advantages to your SEO practices.  For example, many people will link to content they enjoy without being prompted to do so, which as we mentioned earlier is great for SEO.  Even though your content should be more focused on quality, merely having more content out there with your keywords gives you more opportunities to appear at the top of searches.  Your organizations reputation will also improve if you are demonstrating your expertise in your industry through your content.


We hope this post will help your organization get started on a great SEO strategy. Even though these SEO rules represent the basics, when used properly, they can produce results in your search rankings.

Good Luck Marketing!

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