SEO and social media are officially “In a relationship.”


A lot of web talk going around lately has focused on the close relationship between SEO and social media.  It is interesting to note, however, that it was only a short while back that the two were considered to be completely different projects with their own resources and separate groups tasked with keeping up their demands.  Alas, things change fast in the marketing world, and now organizations have come to the conclusion that SEO and social media are star crossed lovers, destined to be paired together forever.

Despite the fact that the majority of marketers are in consensus about how social media brings value to their business, there are still numerous marketers who continue to not understand the connection between SEO and social media.  Because of this lack of understanding, they are not using either of them to their full power.  Although using social media on its own can still be beneficial, marketers who have realized that the potential of search has arrived will be able to achieve a considerable advantage over their competitors.


Look ahead

One of the most important things marketers need to do is focus on looking ahead, instead of living in the past, when it comes to SEO and social media.  It is true that the future of social media is never set in stone, but more than likely, it will be around for awhile so it continues to be significant to search as time goes by.  Making your business more visible through the use of social media will allow you to be present in the areas your customers are searching, so you can take more of that market share.

Search engines are meant to aide people in finding whatever they happen to be looking for.  That being said, social media remains an additional path that helps Google and other search engines accomplish their goals.  SEO and social media are beginning to merge together because they have several things in common including that they both produce awareness, engage customers, and generate helpful content.

Search is becoming more tailored to an individual and when your stuff gets shared, it shows search engines that you are producing quality content that is relevant and up to date.  By increasing the amount of your content that gets shared, not only are you vamping up your SEO, you are also becoming more visible and producing valuable content for your target market.

When you join together your social media and SEO strategies, you will be able to find better opportunities, expand your visitor base, and become more visible to the people who matter most.  Your main objective should entail being easily found by your target market whether they are looking for you on Google, Facebook, Youtube, or any other online platform.  When you provide your customers with the results they are looking for, your rankings will reap the benefits.

Good Luck Marketing!

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