Multiple Personality Disorder and Social Media Marketing

The world is filled with a broad spectrum of human personalities and just when you think you have seen it all you meet someone who completely surprises you with their outlook on life. If the real world of social interaction is filled with different personalities from shy to outspoken, then why would social media be any different? Don’t fall into the trap of treating every social media follower the same. In this post we are going to discuss the 5 most common social media personalities and how to best interact with each type.


New kid on the block 

Users who are new on the social media scene present a unique opportunity to businesses. Because they don’t have any prior experience with social media, you have the opportunity to groom them and educate them on how to use social media. To detect newbies on the scene you’ll need to screen your followers regularly and identify those who have a small circle of friends. New users will appreciate the free advice and social media tips that you give them without asking anything in return. As they grow from new kid on the social block to social media pro, they’ll remember those who helped them along the way.

Even keel 

These users are the easiest to spot because they will share and interact with you and with others on social media in a predictable and constant way.  To catch the eye of this type of user you will need to post relevant content at regular intervals. You may want to research the type of information they are looking for/ usually share with friends and make it a point to direct content their way if you think they’ll like it.

Peeping Tom 

The third type of user is the one who likes to watch, read, and explore what others are doing without making their presence known. However, making a connection with a peeper can be very valuable if done correctly. You already know that this type of user isn’t likely to comment or interact with you regularly, so try interacting with them! Send them a direct message on twitter or Facebook or try asking them provoking questions. They’re more likely to come out of the shadows if you notice them and bring them into your fold.

Social media gurus 

Gurus have been on the scene for a while and have the perfect balance between commenting, sharing, and providing value to their friends. Making a connection with a social media guru is the social media holy grail. These users may be a little harder to hook however, because they are looking for quality over quantity. The hallmarks of a guru are: large quantity of followers/friends, industry expert, and thoughtful and witty comments.

The share-aholic 

These users are trigger happy and willing to share anything that crosses their path when it comes to social media. Advantages of making a connection with this type of user are: If this person is well respected, there will be a lot of people watching what they say very closely.  Also, if you present them with an interesting message to share, chances are they will be open to sharing with their network. Disadvantages: their followers may start tuning them out because they are sick of their feeds being filled with shared content from this user.

Understanding your follower’s social media personalities will help you make a meaningful connection with them. Now that you know the most common social media personalities start asking yourself which follower would be the best target for your business, and how you can reach them in a way that will build a lasting relationship.

Good Luck Marketing!

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