Make your content more reader friendly

Too often we forget that online content should follow the same design guidelines as printed media. If you were the editor of a magazine or newspaper, you would put a lot of thought into the font, layout, colors, images, etc. so why not do the same for your website? In this post we will discuss some of the areas you might want to focus on to make your web content more reader friendly.

Add headings and subheadings

I don’t know about you, but when I see a page that has no visual breakout and it’s purely text with no headings my ADD kicks in and I am tempted to not read the page at all. Using headings and subheadings allows your readers to easily scan the page for the information they are looking for by topic. how to make your content more readable

Use strategic spacing

To be more reader friendly, your content needs to have appropriate spacing. Spacing helps focus the audience’s attention on the areas you want to highlight. Magazines and print publications refer to this as leading. Here are two specific areas to consider:

  • Line Spacing: Provide enough space for readers to easily recognize the letters in each line of your content. Look at the space between lines of text, between letters, and between words. To increase legibility, you may also want to add more spacing to the default option in page layout.
  • White Space: Putting white space around your written content helps draw attention to it. Work to keep your website design neat and clean through the use of strategic white spaces.

Color scheme

While it may not seem totally obvious at first, the color scheme of your website plays a huge role in how readers see your content. Here are some guidelines for using color on your website:

  •  Clarity over design: It doesn’t matter how awesome and creative your website is if it interferes with the way your readers view your content.
  • Stick with neutral backgrounds: You should be safe with classic background colors like black, white, crème, or grey.
  • Test the color of your text with your background: To make sure your text will be legible, you should test it or preview it before you publish it.

Now that you know the basic elements for a reader friendly website, take a look at your own website and see how it measures up to the guidelines you just learned and don’t be afraid to make improvements. Having content on your website is great for SEO purposes, however, you should make sure that your web design doesn’t get in the way of readers getting the information they’re after.

Good Luck Marketing!

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