Make your business’ Facebook status updates more attractive

 It’s basically common knowledge that if you have a business, it should have its own Facebook page.  But once you have set up your page, how do you turn Facebook into an asset?  One of the ways you can accomplish this is through the Facebook statuses you write.  If your business can learn to create status updates that get fans participating in what you say, more fans will remain, and you will gain new ones in the process.

Unfortunately, the reality is, if your business is writing repetitive, dull, irritating statuses, or continually trying to throw product in fans faces, you will either be disregarded, or let go as a Facebook friend.  Even if you are not aware you are acting in such ways, your Facebook fans simply won’t listen to it.  If you want to use your status updates to your business’s benefit, and engage your fans, you must prove yourself to them when writing status updates.  To help you know how to achieve the difficult status update task, here are some suggestions to follow.


Update your status frequently                                                                          

If you never update your status, or update it infrequently, having a Facebook page is basically meaningless, because it is stagnant and therefore doing nothing to help you.  Your fans need to be reminded of your existence if you want to stay relevant.  If you use Facebook, and its status updates, in your favor, you can engage with fans and grow your customer base to new levels.  If this doesn’t motivate you to regard Facebook as you would any other important marketing action, consider a recent study which concluded that 40% of consumers claim they use Facebook recommendations as a deciding factor when reaching a purchase decision.  This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to update your status on a regular basis at strategic times, when you know you will be reaching your target market.


Provide some motivation

When you use a motivating force, like a prize, promotion, discount, etc., your Facebook fans will likely respond to your status updates much more readily.  Try telling your fans that they will be rewarded for liking or sharing your status, and see what happens.  You will be surprised at the things people will do for free stuff.


Let your character shine through

Majority of people will not be concerned about your status updates if they consist of uninteresting content, specific to your products or business operations.  You can still post information about these topics, but the important aspect to remember is, to make it clever, amusing, and personable.  Every status update you post is a reflection of your business, so make sure it is saying something that represents you and your culture.


Look for a response                                                             

When writing a Facebook status, the main goal is to get a response out of your fans so you know they are absorbing the content you are giving them.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by asking some questions.  This ends up being a win-win situation because, not only will you engage Facebook fans, but you can also see how to improve your business, and better satisfy customers from their point of view.  Your fans will feel valued and you will obtain free material on what your fans want.


Avoid the temptation of acting like a salesman

This is a very difficult concept for many businesses to grasp because the natural inclination is to take Facebook and use it to sell, sell, and sell.  Although it may feel abnormal, your fans will respond more positively when you avoid being a salesman, because nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to.  Instead, try to sound supportive, and make your fans always feel appreciated.

When you are writing Facebook statuses for your business, remember to focus on regularly updating, showing your company personality, and engaging your fans.  When you do all of these things, you will build a great Facebook fan base that will translate to more success for your business.

Good Luck Marketing!

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