Instagram for business

Instagram is a smart phone app that allows you to share your life in pictures rather than status updates. The community of “instagrammers” is growing larger every day and currently has over 100 million registered users. Like other social media sites, Instagram provides a unique platform for interacting with customers. If you are unsure on how you can use Instagram to grow your business, increase traffic to your website, and build customer relationships; we are going to help you get started with this post. 

Connect with customers

A picture is worth a 1,000 words right? So instead of posting wordy Facebook updates, try showing your customers what you are all about instead of telling them. You can try hosting #hashtag contests via Instagram and give prizes for the best pictures. To host a hash tag contest you need to first decide which hash tag participants should tag their photos with, it could be your company name, mascot, or something completely random. For example we could host a contest tagged #Orangetailmarketing , #Orangepeacock, or #allaroundOgden then we would ask customers to go around taking pictures that related to peacocks, marketing, or even around our home base in Ogden, Utah. If your business is product oriented you may want to host contests where customers photograph themselves using your products.

Another great way to involve your customers and local community is to use Instagram to meet with your followers in person. Social media is an excellent outlet for engaging with customers, but it is no substitute for human interaction. There is a new phenomenon called “photo walks” where Instagrammers can meet at a pre-determined location and share the picture-taking experience face-to-face.

Showcase your business

There are several ways to use Instagram to show the personality of your business. Here are the top 5 ways to showcase your business via Instagram:

  • Show your products: You can use Instagram to give customers a sneak peak of up and coming products and make them feel like they are in on a secret.
  • Give a behind the scenes view of your business: Try talking pictures around the office or around the warehouse to illustrate what goes on behind the curtains of your business.
  • Take pictures on business trips: What better way to capture memories and share interesting photos of your travels with your customers?
  • Show how products are made: Share photos of the process of production. There’s a reason shows like “how it’s made” are successful. Customers are interested in how products come to be and it may add value to your products if customers see what goes into the building process.
  • Share the love: Show that you care about the community by sharing photos of other local businesses and events.

We hope this post demonstrates how your business could benefit from using Instagram. There are no subscription costs so why not give Instagram a try?

Good Luck Marketing!

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