Helpful guidelines for business bloggers

If you are a business blogger with a huge following, or just have a small group of loyal readers, incorporating some individual branding in your blog can help you reach more success. You will notice more readers visiting your site, which of course is the goal when writing a blog, or writing anything for that matter. To help you do some personal branding in your blog, here are a few guidelines you can follow.

Get a personal website                                                       
Having a personal website means you possess the domain name, and your site ends in a .com. Free blog sites are a good option as well, but a business will look more proficient if they have a personal website. Luckily, domain names are an inexpensive option and will add more sincerity to your business, while also increasing your branding efforts.

Personalize your blog
A great element you can add to your blog to make it more personalized is to add a tagline. Your tagline can be a favorite quote, a phrase you model your life after, a hash tag topic, or the title of your blog. No matter which tagline you choose, try to use it wherever your blog presence resides, like on your website and any other social media sites you use. When you use your tagline repeatedly, people will become more familiar with it which will increase your brand recognition.

Let readers in on your personal experiences
When you use real life experiences in your blog, it will appear more human which will make it easier for your readers to relate to your writing. Sharing real experiences will also increase your credibility on whatever topic you specialize in. Feel free to use your actual reactions, outlooks, opinions, and experiences when writing.

For a more successful blog, be sure that when any of your readers try to find you on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or any other site you have, it will be easy for them. If it is a chore to get there, your readers will likely not subscribe to you or follow your posts. Link all of your blogs and social media sites together by having social media icons available on your website, which will redirect readers from your blog to your social media sites in one click.

Good Luck Marketing!

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