Free mobile apps to improve your social media marketing

If you are looking for simple ways to progress your business’s marketing efforts, there are several free smart phone apps that can help you do just that.  These mobile apps will increase your ability to manage your social media activities under a tight schedule so you can keep up your company’s online status. Here are 4 free smartphone apps that will keep your business active on social media.


Google Currents                                                                                 

If you find it difficult to create new concepts for your social network posts each time, with Google Currents, you can quickly and easily find popular content to share on social media sites. The Google Currents app has all of the trending topics online from around the world located in one place which you can add like you would an updated RSS feed.   You will find this app to be beneficial because if you are sharing topics that are already prevalent around the web, you have a greater chance of drawing responses to your posts.  Use trending topics to ask your follower’s questions, start discussions, and decrease the amount of time you spend trying to find relevant subjects.



Similar to Google Currents, Flipboard is a mobile app designed to help you find content.  However, Flipboard will let you connect to your social networks directly, so on top of being able to share posts, you can also interact with your social media sites through the app.  By using Flipboard you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and any blog sites that you possess.  Handling social media sites, interacting, or discovering and sharing content can all be done without ever leaving the Flipboard app.



We all know that blogs are a very important part of connecting with your audience on social media and lengthening the existence of your content.  That being said, Postling is the perfect app to help you with your blog as it allows you to generate content you can post straight from the app to your blog.  Through Postling, you can keep up with your blog quickly and easily, so your business can stay social from the ease of your phone.



Plume is a Twitter app that gives you the ability to manage several Twitter accounts in one place.  You can shorten links, save auto hashtags and usernames, see preview photos, post to Facebook, and add geo locations.



We hope these mobile apps will help you manage your social media sites like a pro. Good Luck Marketing!

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