Creating a Successful Nurture Campaign

In a nurture campaign, the goal is to create leads, track their behavior, and then develop them until they become prepared to the point they can justifiably spend some time communicating with a member of your sales team.  This process, of course, is all in hopes that you will create a loyal customer who will keep coming back for your products and services.  The most important part about a nurture campaign is knowing when a lead is ready to speak with you; otherwise you may scare them away for good by coming off as too pushy.



pushSo know that we have established the goals of a nurture campaign, the question remains as how do you create one? There are a few parts of an effective nurture campaign that are essential to its success.  For example, failing to begin by dividing your leads, jumping the gun with apparent sales tactics, or upsetting people by providing them with content they find irrelevant will evidently create harmful consequences.  There are, however, some established techniques you can use to enhance your ability of transferring a good lead into a sale, which we will discuss in this post.


Divide and conquer                                                                                     segment

A good way to start an effective nurture campaign is by dividing up your leads into specific groups based off of information like their demographics, profile information, hobbies, interests, or any other data you can collect which may be relevant.  The reason for doing this is so you can tailor the content you are providing to the best of your ability.  The more your content resonates with someone on a personal level, the more valuable your campaign will be.


Good intentions                                                                         trust

In a nurture campaign strategy, its important to change your mindset from, not only sales, but also building relationships.  This is exactly the kind of intentions which are required for success in your nurture campaign.  Consumers are usually a lot more skilled at spotting out insincerity than you may think, so as long as you remain focused on the long term, you will start to develop trust.  Once you become recognized as a professional, people will be more willing to buy your products or services.  Avoid coming off to strong in the beginning, and your patience will reward you in the end.

Make a plan                                                                  business planning

When beginning a nurture campaign, it is important to make a plan regarding how often you feel it is appropriate to connect with your leads.  Finding the right balance is essential because you don’t want to be forgotten, but you also do not want to annoy people with constant communication.  A pretty good guideline to follow, if you want to remain on the safe side, is 2-4 times per month.


It’s all about the content                                             content

Everything we have talked about thus far will be rendered meaningless if the content you are distributing is boring, irrelevant, or unhelpful.  Failing to provide unique, insightful content may actually create the opposite of your desired effect.  Make sure the content you are sending will appeal to that specific segment and can offer some form of value to them.  This is where the research you performed in order to divide up your leads will come in handy, use it to verify what content they will enjoy most.


Measure your results                                                                measure

Some of your nurture campaigns will be more effective than others, but measuring your results will help you figure out the reasoning behind that so you can improve your strategy in the future.  Find a tool that will help you analyze this information on a monthly basis so you can make informed decisions and know ahead of time what’s working, and what isn’t.


We hope this post on nurture campaigns will prove to be helpful for you and your business.  Nurture campaigns have demonstrated their value to numerous organizations, but will only enhance your success when properly carried out.  Using all of the steps we have provided above, you will be well on your way to converting those leads into sales and long term customers!

Good Luck Marketing!

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