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A common error made by marketers when creating a social media marketing plan is not thinking in terms of how their target market would actually behave.  When creating your strategy, and attempting to generate some buzz for your business, make sure you are only asking others to do something you yourself would consider doing.  By setting up campaigns with this thought in mind, you will save yourself from timely trial and error situations, and steer clear of methods which will be unsuccessful.


Facebook: They like me, they really like me!                        Facebook like

A great first step you can take to create, or turnaround, your social media strategy is to consider how you are using Facebook.  Have you ever been at home or work surfing the web and thought, “I think I will go search for random business pages to like.”  Chances are, your answer to that question is no, and if it was a yes, you may have too much free time on your hands.  In any case,  the point is, you will usually stick to “liking” business pages you are familiar with and or actually use, or want to use, their products or services.

That being said, the real significance of using Facebook and social media lies within the connections you can make with actual and prospective customers.  For example, groups of friends tend to associate with one another because they have various similarities in their likes, hobbies and interests.  Therefore, there is great potential for you to connect with new customers via your current ones.  There is little to no value created when you participate in directionless “like” campaigns for the sole purpose of increasing your numbers.  If the “liker” does not actually have any interest in the “likee” they will not take the time to interact, engage, read, or look at any of the content you are so zealously posting.


Word of mouth (WOM)                                                     social media

The power behind WOM is greatly recognized, because it is known for creating the most confident type of recommendation.  When a family member, friend, or trusted individual refers you to a product or service, a huge amount of leverage is put in that products/services corner.  Not only do these groups have similar qualities, they also trust the opinions of one another, and feel confident the other person will give them advice with their best interests in mind.  This referral is exactly what you want to accomplish through social media, by creating a platform in which these actions can take place online.

Technically speaking then, WOM is not the completely correct term to use; however, we are not sure there is a cool acronym for typing your recommendations to friends and family over the internet.  (If such a thing exists, we want to know about it!) Anyway, if you are looking to make social media an asset to your business, utilize the customers you already have.  Help current customers create more awareness for you by engaging them through unique content, encouraging participation through contests, trivia, or giveaways, and creating/sharing events, deals, promotions, or discounts.

There are many ways you can attract your target market to your social media pages without succumbing to the temptation of going on rampant “liking” campaigns.  We hope that some, or all, of these tips will make their way into your social media marketing plan, so you can start realizing the benefits these sites can bring!

Good Luck Marketing!

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