Common Internet Marketing Myths

When it comes to internet marketing, there are many people who believe there is some mysterious procedure you can follow that will lead you to instant success.  Unfortunately, this is not the case because if it was, there would be a lot more internet made millionaires in this world.  The real truth is if you want to experience success with your internet marketing, it is going to take some real effort on your part.  What may work for one business, probably won’t be the solution for you, so the trick is finding where you fit in.

With the overwhelming amounts of information available on internet marketing and similar topics, it’s not always easy to know which advice and tactics you should follow. To help your business get started on a successful internet marketing strategy, here are some common myths you should avoid at all costs.


Merely having a website in existence is enough                                    where is everyone

A lot of businesses tend to think if they get a great website built, all of a sudden people are going to come flocking to it and business will be booming! However, although the fact you have a website up and running is a great first step, it is not enough to ensure success online.  Putting up a website alone is no guarantee that people will ever find it let alone use it to contact you or buy something.  In order for you to have a thriving website, you have to find a way to attract quality traffic to it and then translate these visits into some action you desire, depending on your business model.


Google will take care of me                                                google friend

Many businesses looking to have an online presence drastically underestimate the time and effort it takes to rank high on search engines.  Having a top ranked website for your keywords can prove to be invaluable and is a great way to drive quality traffic to your site, but getting there is not easy.  It may take a lot of patience before you see the payoff of your work, possibly even months or years.  Google or other search engines will not simply reward you with a top ranked spot for being a good business with a cool, functional website.

You must take matters into your own hands and prove your worth to the search engines through generating traffic, combining your online/offline marketing efforts, producing quality content, using social media, and practicing good SEO.  See our posts on using your blog to enhance your SEO and The power of three: SEO, social media, and email marketing for more information.


My website is getting tons of traffic; my internet marketing is a success! traffic

Not all traffic is created equal! You can have millions of people pouring into your website all day long, but so long as those visits do not produce an action, a sale, phone call, inquiry, they are useless to you.  This is why it is important to know who your target market is and how you can reach them online. That way, the visitors being directed to your site, will actually be interested in your product and possibly buy something.


SEO is a piece of cake!                                    top google

Many people, especially those associated with a small business, feel they can take on SEO all by themselves without any outside help or training. Perhaps they do not want to, or cannot, hire a marketing employee, or think they can handle a little extra weight without much burden. Even though you can basically learn how to do anything on the internet these days, you may quickly find you have bitten off more than you can chew once you get started. There are countless “professionals” out there who offer their guidance online, which often ends up being false and deceptive.

One of the reasons many people think SEO is easy may be because the specific actions you take for SEO are not necessarily inherently difficult.  However, there are many different components to it which make SEO rather complicated when all is said and done.  Keeping track of all the variables and managing them correctly is time consuming and better left to someone who knows exactly what they are doing.  Otherwise, you may waste time and money without seeing much benefit if you are not executing proper strategies.


Good Luck Marketing!

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