SEO for online business after panda and penguin

What are Panda and Penguin and what do they mean?

First off, many of you may be wondering what panda and penguin are, in relation to Google, panda is an update Goodge has made to their search algorithms  Panda’s main goal is to get rid of manipulated results, while simultaneously increasing good results.  This change will create better value for high quality content that is original, and reduce repeated content.  Penguin, on the other hand, is an update intended to find and deal with former poor SEO practices.  Penguin will mostly target link building and keyword stuffing, which will now be detrimental to the rankings of a page.  Penguin is entirely algorithmic and buying links can hurt your page rank as well.  Links should now be natural, because with these updates, quality content will become more important.


How to think about SEO now                                                                   

Google has created the panda and penguin updates for the purpose of improving the value of results, so you can find more correct outcomes, which have more originality, and actually deal with the topics searched.  That means that original content that is obviously naturally created is valued more highly, and that certain kinds of content that Google has identified are devalued. Here are some specific things Google is looking for

  • Is the content written by an expert?
  • Does the page provide substantial value?
  • Does it contain original content?
  • Does it provide description and insightful analysis?
  •  Is it comprehensive?

The new Google algorithms are searching for all the items listed above, and will also take into account such things like, relevance, popularity, and indexing. 


Actions to take

Here are some specific actions you can take to help your business deal with the panda and penguin updates.

  • Clean up your site: Be sure to fix any errors, and find out where the broken link is coming from, if present. If a broken link is on your site, after fixing it directly, fix the external links as well.
  • Take care of the site speed and page load times
  • Add product reviews, and manage your reputation thoroughly, this will be the future of SEO
  • Put more emphasis on traffic instead of links, if you drive traffic, SEO will come afterwards
  • Expand your incoming traffic, and shape associations with other sites. This will help spread traffic, and if you start engaging with them, then they are more likely to reference you.


We hope this post will help you improve your business and your search engine rankings! Remember that original content, which gets to the point quickly, and is well researched, will fare better than others. 

Good luck marketing!

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