4 Ways To Customize Your Content

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) content is king. This is a topic that we have covered often in our blog posts—In this post we are going to explain in a little more detail some ways that you can customize your content. 

Customer Reviews

Amazon.com is the perfect example of how companies should be utilizing customer reviews of products. Third party recommendations are regarded much higher because they lack bias or conflict of interest. Make sure that you make it as easy as possible for customers to provide feedback and ask them to candidly tell you what they think of your products and or services. As an added bonus the more reviews you have the more your website will be recognized by search engines.

Personalize your website

Creating unique content that is written by your members of your team is an excellent way to stand out from the search engine crowd. However, you should consider taking it one step further by customizing your website to fit each user. For example, your site may display different topics of interest based on the users history on your site. Every unique click of the mouse should give your customers a unique experience. Your audience is much more likely to join your cause if they feel like you are making every effort to support theirs.

Make your site device friendly

As a business owner you should be aware of how your site appears on different types of devices (tablet, iPhone, Android, etc.). If your website doesn’t display correctly then users are going to get frustrated and stop following you on the web. Even better, you could create apps that work with mobile devices so that your users stay more involved with your business community.

Make your social media personality shine

You don’t have to keep the same tone of voice across all web platforms. The reason that you make your business available through so many different websites is because you are trying to attract a different type of user with each strategy. Make sure you do your homework and make an effort to reach out to each unique group of followers, for example, you may want to offer more visual content for your Pinterest followers, and more wordplay with your Twitter followers.

We hope this post gave you some ideas on how to customize your web content and reach out to your target audience in a way that they’ll appreciate.

Good Luck Marketing!

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